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Acceptance Week Tool Kit

Please enjoy the Acceptance resources below. Have something you'd like to add, let us know.

CMHAW Information, Events Ideas and Examples

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Tackling MH Prejudice and Discrimination


Why Green?


Click to Download the CMHAW

Facebook Cover Image

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How to use this image on your personal or an organization's Facebook page:

  • Click the image above and download it to your desktop.

  • Go to your organization's/your personal Facebook page.

  • Hover the mouse over your current cover photo.

  • Click the Change Cover button with the camera icon.

  • Select Upload Photo. Select the image file from your desktop.

CMHAW Event Marketing Tools

How to Promote Your 2024 “Accept. Advocate. Act.” Children’s Mental Health Event!

If you are planning an event for Children's Mental Health Acceptance Week (CMHAW), it’s also a good time to plan how to get the word out to your community, stakeholders, supporters, and public.


Getting Started:



  1. The hashtags are #CMHAW2024, #AcceptanceWeek2024#AcceptAdvocateAct and #SocialJusticeForFamilies.

  2. Depending on your event, you may want to include other related hashtags: #mentalhealth, #substanceuse, #recovery, #familypeers, MHAM2024, #FamiliesRecoverToo

  3. Please tag us in your posts on Facebook @NationalFederation and Twitter @nationalffcmh.


After your event, send us your photos and any information you’d like to share with us! Email us here.

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