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Courses and Trainings

Welcome to our online courses and trainings library! Part of the Federation's mission is to provide technical assistance to our network of affiliates and the families they serve and represent. In addition to our extensive library of resources, we are developing free, self-paced online courses and trainings for parents and the workforce alike. Topics will include those pertinent to the work of family-run organizations and that support family members, advocates, youth, and the workforce in their efforts to advocate for families whose children – of any age – experience mental health and/or substance use challenges during their lifetime.

Below is a list of the courses currently available. If you are interested in partnering with us to develop a free online course for our library, please email

The National Federation of Families developed this course to help you understand the value and importance of engaging families in the evaluation of mental health services.

You may self-enroll in the course here  or sign up here using the following join code: AJMPPF.

This online course provided by the National Federation of Families offers parents and caregivers insight, knowledge and tools to help them incorporate self-care strategies in their daily lives.

You may self-enroll in the course here or sign up here using the following join code: JXPLPP.

This self-paced online curriculum module teaches the behavioral health workforce family-driven language, skills, strategies, and knowledge of resources that will enhance their ability to partner effectively with families in behavioral health settings.

You may self-enroll in this course here

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