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National Advocacy

Part of our role at the Federation is to track and follow important national issues and related funding, legislation and advocacy opportunities so we can keep families and our affiliates informed and engaged in topics that impact families. Below you will find a video with our most recent listing of national advocacy organizations that can assist you in your efforts to represent the voice of families. Go to the green "View Slides with Clickable Links" button to go through the slides at your own pace and to access direct links to the websites and resources we have included. For information to help you with state level advocacy, click here

Stay Connected and Informed

Following your representatives on social media is a great way to keep up with what they are advocating for and what's important to them.  

Use this "Who Represents Me" search tool linked below to find your elected officials. Search results will include their contact information, phone numbers, email address, social media links, etc.


Who Represents Me?  

  • Enter your address or click on your state 

  • You will get all the elected officials that represent you 

    • Nationally 

      • Senators 

      • Congressional Representatives 

    • At the state level 

      • Governor 

      • State Senator 

      • State Representative  


Navigating Committees

Navigating the Committees and their pages can sometimes be confusing, so here are some tips.

Navigating Congressional Committees:

  • The link takes you to a listing of all the Committees

  • You can find your Congressional representative by entering your zip code in the upper right corner

  • Click on a Committee to take you to their Committee page

  • The Committees will have full Committee and Subcommittee hearings

  • Community activity links will generally take you a list of upcoming hearings

  • Some committees air live through YouTube so you need to click on a recording link to get the live stream

  • Committees have their own web and Facebook pages. Following and liking those is a great way to get a quick overview of the current topics they are addressing.

Navigating Senate Committees:

  • The Senate page is a little easier to navigate

  • On the upper right hand corner you can find archived floor proceedings

  • Membership and assignments on the left hand side will get you all the committees and the names of the members

  • Committee schedules and topics are listed

  • Clicking on the name of the Committee will take you to the Committee page

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