Ensuring that parents and caregivers, and the professionals who support them, have the right resources is crucial to the health and wellness of children, youth and young adults who have mental health and substance use challenges - and their families. We have organized our resources below based on specific topics and roles in the community to help you find the information you're looking for quickly and easily.

If you are looking for mental health or substance use treatment, SAMHSA's treatment locator map (to the right) allows you to search by state, city or zip code.

We also encourage you to watch the video at the bottom of this page to learn more about family peer support. You can find and connect with our chapters that provide family peer support here .

Using the links below, you can also access the following:

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Resources by Topic

Advocacy Information

Visit our current resources here to help you advocate for your own child and family and on behalf of all children, youth and families to improve supports and services in mental health and substance use treatment. New and/or updated resources will be published soon! We also encourage you to visit our Legislation and Advocacy pages for additional information, specific state resource, recent legislative updates that impact families and to get involved.

Mental Wellness and Self-Care

Click here to visit our resources around mental wellness and self-care.

Substance Use Challenges

Find our substance use resources for parents, caregivers and families here.

Suicide Prevention

View our suicide and suicide prevention resources here. If you are concerned that a loved one may be considering or at risk for suicide, please contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline below.

Family-Driven Care

View our current resources about family-driven care, click here.

The Education System

Find resources designed to help families navigate the educational system and advocate for their child, youth or young adult's educational needs here.

The Juvenile Justice System

Click here to view our current resources for parents, caregivers and families on the juvenile justice system.


Click here to find information and resources related to trauma.

Integrated Health Care

Please find our resources on integrated health care here.

Learning Disabilities

Please find a list of organizations that provide information and resources about learning disabilities as well as support for parents, caregivers, children, youth and young adults here.

Resources by Role

For Youth and Young Adults

Find helpful resources and information for youth and young adults here.

For Family-Run Organizations

View our resources for family-run organizations here. Looking for resources related to COVID-19? Click here. Access the 2020 State-byState Parent Peer Directory published by SAMHSA and BRSSTACS here. Please send any updates to your state's information to us here.

For Parents, Caregivers and Family Members

Find helpful parenting information and resources for parents, caregivers and families here.

For Children

Find resources to help young children learn about the importance of mental health and how to talk about their feelings here.

For Family Peer Specialists

Find current information and resources for family/parent peer specialists here. Access the 2020 State-by-State Parent Peer Support Directory publsihed by SAMHSA and BRSS TACS here. Please send any updates to your state's information to us here.


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