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As the national organization that represents family voice, it's our responsibility to speak up for families and to educate others about how they can advocate for legislation and policies that support and protect them. As a family advocate, we invite you to stay current on important advocacy and funding opportunities, legislation and other news that impacts families so you too can speak up on their behalf.

Legislation and Policy News for Family Advocates

Below we highlight the latest legislation and policy implementation that may affect family run organizations (FROs) and the families they serve. Visit each section to learn more about current legislative topics that are relevant to the important work of family advocates. We update this page frequently so we encourage you to visit regularly to find new information and resources to help you stay current on legislation and policies that may affect your organization and families in your community. Should you have any questions or need guidance please contact Michelle Covington at

State and National Advocacy Information and Resources

Below you will find a video highlighting state and national advocacy organizations. You can click the "view these at your own pace" option below the video to access direct links that will connect you with these organizations and their resources. Additionally, we have included key news and legislative and policy information that matters for families. Staying up to date on these topics empowers individuals and organizations to advocate for their own families and for others across the country.

View these slides with clickable links at your own pace here.

Following our Legislative and Advocacy page on Facebook is the best way to stay updated on what is happening nationally and in the states. Remember, keeping up on what is happening with federal and state-level legislation is key to being prepared to address issues if they arise in your home state.

Alerting us to what is happening on the state level will aid not only those in your state, but others nationally as ideas spread. As you become aware of state or national legislative alerts, funding and advocacy opportunities or resources that could be used to build funding requests, please email us.

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