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Stay Up to Date

We encourage you to stay up to date on important advocacy and funding opportunities, legislation and other news that impacts families. Below you will find a video highlighting both state and national advocacy organizations. You can click the "view these at your own pace" option below the video to access direct links that will connect you with these organizations and their resources.

Following our Legislative and Advocacy page on Facebook is the best way to stay updated on what is happening nationally and in the states. Remember, keeping up on what is happening with federal and state-level legislation is key to being prepared to address issues if they arise in your home state.

Where to Find Legislative Information Nationally and In Your State

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Want to view these slides at your own pace? Click here.

We invite you to join our Legislative and Advocacy Facebook group where we, and other members of the group, share national and state level news on a regular basis.  It’s the best way to stay updated to the minute.

Here's where you can get up to date information about current legislation and policy changes that effect family run organizations and families. 

Alerting us to what is happening on the state level will aid not only those in your state, but others nationally as ideas spread. As you become aware of state or national legislative alerts, funding and advocacy opportunities or resources that could be used to build funding requests, please email us.

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