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Family Peer Support Success Stories

Family peer support is an effective and valuable support service provided to families of youth who struggle with emotional, mental, behavioral health and substance use challenges across the country. This unique service is delivered by professionals who have "lived experience" raising a child, youth or young adult who received support from one or more child-serving systems. These may include behavioral health, education, child welfare, foster care, juvenile justice or others.


What makes family peer support unique is having the benefit of another parent or caregiver who not only understands how to access and navigate the services and systems that are available to youth and their families, but who can also relate to the often overwhelming feelings of shame, blame, fear and loss caregivers and families experience. The provision of family peer support means families do not have to walk the journey alone when their child(ren) receives a diagnosis or is struggling to succeed at home, in school or in their community.


The family/parent peer support workforce helps ensure that families can stay together while receiving the supports and services their children need and deserve or that they can receive appropriate services when that is not possible. Sharing their knowledge and experience saves families and child-serving systems time and money and, equally important, it gives caregivers and families hope.

Below are success stories from our affiliates and member organizations highlighting the power of parent peer support and the impact it has made in the lives of parents, children, youth and families. We encourage you to read and share these with others and invite our affiliates to submit their success stories to be included here. 

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