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The National Federation of Families has affiliates and partners all across the country, providing our groundwork in the communities that you may live in. Take a moment to see what affiliates may be in your area and reach out to them to become involved in their activities. This is one of the best ways you can access family peer support services and support the work that we do for families whose children experience mental health and/or substance use challenges during their lifetime. If there isn't an affiliate in your locale, we encourage you to consider starting one. If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to start a family-run organization, please feel free to contact us.


Additionally, our mailing list has thousands of members nationwide committed to supporting families impacted by mental health and substance use challenges. These individuals come from all walks of life and represent wide interests: parents/caregivers, youth/young adults, providers and clinicians, government officials and decision-makers, etc. Each plays a vital role. We look to our diverse membership to help spread the positive message that children - across the life span - with mental health and/or substance use challenges and their families can build upon their strengths to become resilient and successful in their lives and communities. We would love for you to consider membership, to join our free mailing list, and begin following us on social media today. If you have questions or would like to contact us about an opportunity for partnership and collaboration, please email us.

"I am an individual, a parent, and now a proud advocate for families like mine who are impacted by mental health and substance use challenges. I have learned so much from joining the network. The resources they share and events I've attended have expanded my knowledge and advocacy skills so much. Connecting with other parents who have been where I am and with organizations

who understand the challenges my family is facing, has been incredibly helpful to us. I am so grateful to have found

the National Federation and for the support we've received from our local affiliate!"

Membership Options

We offer two levels of membership options for our constituent base.

Please choose an option below to learn more and begin the application process.

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Join our network of family-run organizations who advocate for families and the family peer

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Join our network of mission-aligned organizations who support our mission, vision, values, and commitment to social change.

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