National Children's Mental Health Acceptance Week (CMHAW) takes place during the first full week in May.  As we celebrate CMHAW, the National Federation reaches out to you, in our shared vision for our nation’s children, youth and families. It is through our combined efforts that growth, renewal and the promotion of positive mental health will impact the well-being of our children. Our voices carry volumes in bringing about change. Speak out and be heard. Let our message ring in the ears of others: Children’s Mental Health Matters!


The National Federation's Annual Conference is the premier event for children and youth with mental health challenges and their families. Bringing together family members, young adults, and professionals in a safe setting, free from stigma and one that celebrates skills and successes, our annual conference generates a large amount of discussion on the current issues and trends pertaining to children's mental health, from the perspective of a family-driven and youth-guided approach.


Our Annual Conference features many great workshops and speakers, joining hundreds of mental health advocates and professionals from across the nation as we work to educate and empower children, youth, and families!


Our conference offers families and the professionals who support them to:

• Improve policy and enhance practices for children and youth who have or are at risk of experiencing behavioral health challenges.

• Acquire skills and strategies that will improve outcomes for children and youth with behavioral health challenges.

• Gain knowledge of best practices and latest research in children’s mental health and related fields.

• Enrich understanding of different perspectives and common goals in support of all children, youth and families.

Who should attend?

Parents & Caregivers, Youth & Young Adults, Social Workers, Psychologists, Special Education & Classroom Teachers, Therapists, Nurses, Pediatricians, Counselors, Corrections Workers, School Administrators, Early Childhood Professionals

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