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Re-Certification is required every three years in order to maintain an active national Family Peer Support credential. In the event that a certified FPS is not currently moving forward with re-certification, he/she may instead request an inactive status for up to three years. Upon invoking an inactive status, the individual may not use the title “nationally Certified Family Peer Specialist” until your re-certification is complete. If certification is not reactivated within the three year period, the individual will be required to complete the full certification process. Please refer to our Candidate Handbook for additional questions about re-certification.

For Re-Certification:

  • Complete the Re-Certification Application below

  • Document 44 contact hours (within the past 3 years) using the Training Documentation form linked here

  • Submit the $200 Re-Certification fee


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Have additional questions?

Please contact us at:


Tel: (240) 403-1901

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