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Acceptance Week Proclamations

We would love to acknowledge Acceptance Week Proclamations for your State.  If you have already received an Acceptance Week Proclamation for your state or city, please email us at and let us know so we can share it. 

What are proclamations?

Proclamations are statements issued by government officials that recognize the importance of an event or achievement. Though proclamations are not considered media tools, an Awareness Day proclamation from a governor, mayor, or local official can help attract media attention and raise awareness in your state or local community.


How do I submit a proclamation?

If you’d like to obtain a letter of proclamation, be sure to start the process as early as possible, because it can take time to secure. Research how to contact the official, whether it be directly or through an aide within their office.


We hope you will find these proclamation tools helpful. Please reach out if you need assistance

writing a proclamation for your state, city or town.

CMHAW Sample Proclamation FInal.jpg
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