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Acceptance Week Infographics

We invite you to share these infographics to help promote the importance of acceptance of mental health needs for children and youth during Children's Mental Health Acceptance Week and throughout the year.

Have something you'd like to add, let us know.

Awareness vs. Acceptance

Click the adjacent image to learn more about why the national CMHAW campaign was updated from awareness to acceptance in 2022.

Children's Mental Health Awareness vs_edited.jpg
What Acceptance Means Infographic_edited_edited.jpg

What Acceptance Means to Families and Youth

Click the adjacent image to hear family voices about the importance of the CMHAW campaign change from awareness to acceptance.

Click the adjacent image to learn what families and youth believe would be gained from acceptance of mental health and/or substance use challenges and why inequities create a social justice issue.

Social Justice for Youth and Families

Social Justice For Youth Who Experience Mental Health andor Substance Use Challenges (1).p

Click the adjacent image to hear youth voices about how true acceptance of their mental health needs would positively impact the way they think and feel about themselves.

The Heart of Acceptance

The Heart of Acceptance Infographic_edited.jpg

The terms we use to describe mental health and substance use challenges matter. Click the adjacent image to find information about language that supports individuals who experience these challenges and that promotes dignity and recovery.

Reframing Language

Reframing Language Guide - PNG.png

The National Federation of Families' board of Directors share their thoughts on the importance of celebrating mental health month and Children's Mental Health Acceptance Week each year.

Why Mental Health Month is Important

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