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26th Annual Conference

The National Federation's Annual Conference is the premier event for children and youth with mental health challenges and their families. Bringing together family members, young adults, and professionals in a safe setting, free from stigma and one that celebrates skills and successes, our annual conference generates a large amount of discussion on the current issues and trends pertaining to children's mental health, from the perspective of a family-driven and youth-guided approach.

Our 26th Annual Conference will feature many great workshops and speakers this year, joining hundreds of mental health advocates and professionals from across the nation as we work to educate and empower children, youth, and families!

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Creating awareness can come in a variety of ways. Every year, we help our membership by providing numerous awareness week supplies including ribbons, balloons, and more. Check out our online store to get all the items you need any time of the year. All proceeds go directly to the National Federation.
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The Bright Light of Advocacy

Six years ago the Federal Department of Justice (DOJ) investigated Georgia's state psychiatric hospitals and declared them to be unsafe.  After long and difficult negotiations DOJ and the State of Georgia signed a Settlement Agreement which is now improving crisis services in the community for adults with mental illnesses. A recent article in The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that "hundreds of millions of dollars" have been pumped into upgrading these services.

This is something to rejoice about, but during the same six years children's services have languished.  It is now time to focus the bright light of advocacy on young people.  There are some hopeful signs.  Three pilot programs are in place to identify and provide early treatment and supports for youth, when symptoms of psychosis first appear.  There are some collaborative programs leveraging behavioral health services into school settings.  A legislative study committee is holding hearings to consider how to improve services for "our" children and youth and their families.  The Department of Justice has issued a letter of findings declaring that GNETS  (Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support) is not in compliance with Federal law. All of this is creating opportunities for service improvements.  Learn more...

National PSP Recertification Application

As many of you know, our first recertification dates are quickly approaching.  The information below is to assist with the recertification process. The Commission has worked to make this process as simple as possible, in an effort to cut down on the amount of documentation that must be submitted.

I am also including the process for requesting an Inactive status, in the event that you are not currently moving forward with recertification. A certified PSP may request an Inactive status for up to three years. Upon invoking an Inactive status, you will no longer be privileged to use the title “nationally certified Parent Support Provider” until you once again activate your status. If certification is not reactivated within the three year period, the individual will be required to complete the full certification process, should they later decide to become certified.  Learn More...