Peer Support Specialist Resources

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Achieving Cross System Collaboration to Support Young People in the Transition Years: A Tip Sheet for Service Providers
Agency Readiness to Employ Parent Support Providers
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Balancing Work & Family Responsibilities - A Guidebook for Parent Support Providers
Best Personnel Practices in PSP programs
Code of Ethics for Parent Support Providers (NFFCMH)
Core Competencies of Parent Support Providers (NFFCMH)
Cost Effectiveness of Using Peers as Providers
Family and Youth Peer Support Literature Review
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Family Journey Assessment (FJA) Parent Support Provider Training
Family, Parent and Caregiver Peer Support in Behavioral Health Infographic (English & Spanish)
Family Peer-to-Peer Support Programs in Children's Mental Health A Critical Issues Guide - NFFCMH
Family-to-Family Peer Support Tribal
Impact of Family Peer Support for Juvenile Justice Involved Families (PPAL)
Impact of Peer Partner Support on Self Efficacy for Justice Involved Parents
Issue Brief Family-to-Family Peer Support Models and Evaluation
The Many Paths to Peer Support
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Meaningful Roles for Peer Providers in Integrated Healthcare (FREDLA)
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National Certification for Adult & Family Peers (iNAPS & SAMHSA)
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National Practice Guidelines for Peer Supporters
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Peer Certification: Brief History of Practice Guidelines and Core Competencies for Certification
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The Peer Support Community Inclusion Kit
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Pillars of Peer Support: Transforming Mental Health Systems of Care
Policy Paper on Effectiveness of Parent Support
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Resources: Parent and Family Peer Support and Research
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The Role of Parent Peer Support in a System of Care for Children & Youth
Self-Assessment Training Checklist
Supporting Physical Activity - a Guide for Peer Support Specialists (Whitney Strange, MS & Gretchen Snethen, PhD)
What Are Peer Recovery Services
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What Do Parent Support Providers Really Do?(Frances S. Purdy)
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What Peer Support Is and Isn't
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