Mental Health Resources

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Children's Mental Health Disorders (NFFCMH & Magellan)
Childhood Mental Illness: What Families Can Do
Cutting and Self Harm Help Guide
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Dual Diagnosis Fact Sheet (NAMI)
Evaluating Whether to Trust Online Resources
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Getting the Right Start: Students Guide to Mental Health Infographic
Growing up Drug-Free:
A Parent's Guide to Prevention
Helping Children Cope with Grief
Improving Police Response to Persons with Mental Illness (International Association of Chiefs of Police)
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Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Toolkit
Mental Health Facts: Children & Teens (NAMI)
Mental Health Facts in America (NAMI)
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Mental Health Parity Infographic
Mental Health Medications (NIMH)
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Multicultural Mental Health Facts Infographic
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The Myth of the Bad Kid
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Recovering Your Mental Health: Building Self-Esteem - A Self-Help Guide
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Recovering Your Mental Health: Dealing with the Effects of Trauma
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Recovering Your Mental Health: Developing a Recovery & Wellness Lifestyle
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Recovering Your Mental Health: Making & Keeping Friends
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Recovering Your Mental Health: Speaking Out for Yourself
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Taking Charge of Your Mental Health (NAMI)
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