Advocacy, Policy, and Legislative Resources

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Addressing Teen Mental Health Crises: A National Policy Playbook (Academy Health)
Advocating for Your Child (Maine Parent Federation)
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An Advocates Guide to Meaningful Family Partnerships
Advocacy Workbook (Maine Parent Federation)
Bill of Rights for Adults, Youth and Children with
Behavioral Healthcare Needs and Their Family Members (NFFCMH)
General Tips on Advocacy by Parents
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Glossary of Legislative Terms
Grassroots Advocacy Guide (SPAN)
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A Handbook for Advocates
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Know the Process
Know Your Rights - Parity for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits
Learning Disabilities Advocates Guide (National Center for Learning Disabilities)
Letter to Legislators
Making the Most of Your Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefits
Meeting with Legislators
Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders Toolkit (Women in Government)
Mental Health Statistics(NFFCMH)
Mental Illness and Stigma Fact Sheet (Florida Council for Community Mental Health)
Out-of-the-Box Advocacy
Public Policy Advocacy for Social Change
Self Advocacy
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Skills for Effective Parent Advocacy (Nevada PEP)
Stop Spinning Your Wheels: Advocacy and Coordination for Special Health Care Needs
What is Advocacy (Learning Disabilities of America)
What is Mental Health Parity?
What is the Child Mental Health Treatment Act
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Understanding and Using Performance Measurement as a Tool for Advocacy (NFFCMH)
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