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Children's Mental Health Awareness Events Nationwide

Note: The events currently posted took place in 2019. Awareness events taking place in 2020 will be added between January and May and must take place in the United States in the months of April or May. We welcome your submissions.

Please use the interactive map below to learn about awareness activities (in person or online) taking place in your state.


If you are aware of events taking place in your community that are not included on the map, please email with the details including the event title, date, time, location, and a point of contact and attach any event flyers. These will be added to the map below to help community members find out about awareness activities taking place in their state.


Need help using the map? Use the plus and minus signs on the left hand side of the map to zoom in and out. Zooming in will help you distinguish between events in states where there are a lot of pins. While you are hovering over a pin, the event information will pop up. If a flyer or webpage is associated with the event, simply click on the event pin to view it.

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