We have collected the following resources to assist family run organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic in addressing organizational sustainability and continuing to support parents and families.

Essential Information for Non Profits

NEW - Fact Sheet Presidentelect Biden Announces American Rescue Plan What’s in the New COVID Relief Law for Nonprofits?

Nonprofit Provisions in COVID Relief Legislation NEW Paycheck Protection Program First Draw NEW Paycheck Protection Program Second Draw

New Paycheck Protection Program Guidance (Small Business Administration)

Paid Sick Leave and the Family and Medical Leave Act

In 2020, the US Department of Labor issued guidance around COVID-19 sick leave and FMLA provisions - which ended in December. We are following current bills and legislation and will update this section if/when new information that pertains to 2021 is released.

Sites with Dedicated Coronavirus Resources and Updates

Click any of the following organization logos to go directly to their COVID-19 resource page.

Resources to Share with Parents and Families

To assist you in supporting parents and families, we enourage you to take advantage of the following resources. Share our dedicated resource page for parents, caregivers, youth and families located here. Scroll through the National Federation Home Resources Facebook page posts for hundreds of ideas, activities, resources and information for families to use at home. Share, Like and Follow the page on your social media channels to see new posts as they are added. Visit our Pinterest boards to find information on a variety of mental health topics and for content you can share on your own websites and social media channels to address the needs of families.

Self-Care for Non Profit Leaders and the Parent/Family Peer Workforce

Webinar: Who’s Taking Care of You? Self-Care Strategies for Family Peer Support Professionals and Leaders with National Presenter Sue Badeau Access the Slides

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