Application for Certification

To become certified as a CPSP, you must complete an eligibility application and make a passing score on the national exam.

As an overview,  eligibility requires submitting

  • a description of experience parenting a child experiencing emotional, developmental, behavioral, substance use, or mental health challenges, 

  • 88 contact hours of training in the eleven domains of competence (advocacy in multiple systems, ethics, behavioral health information, communication, confidentiality, education information, effecting change, empowerment, local resource information, parenting for resiliency, and wellness and natural support). Use the Self-Assessment Checklist for further detail.

  • 1,000 hours of experience, with 25 hours of supervision/consultation/mentoring.

Additionally, the applicant must disclose negative legal involvement, agree to abide by the Code of Ethics, and pay all fees. There is a non-refundable $50.00 processing fee.  You will need to pay the full certification fee of $300.00 only when the application is complete and you are approved to take the test.

Download and Supervisor Reference Document.

Supervisor must complete and return.

Completion of this section provides information on the eligibility criteria of documentation of at least eighty- eight (88) contact hours of training. It is expected there will be eight (8) hours of training in each of the eleven (11) competencies. This training can be training that is

1.received by the applicant AND that is provided by the applicant.

  • The applicant may document up to twenty (20) of the eighty eight (88) in training or coursework the applicant has provided

  • CAUTION -Training on the same subject or course that is repeated may only be counted once for documentation of the eighty-eight (88) hours.

AS AN ALTERNATIVE, training eligibility can be established in two other ways:
•A supervised internship or
• On-the-job training

Each of those alternative methods may be used for meeting the eligibility criteria for at least eighty (88) hours of training AND must be documented through verification by the person who supervised, consulted or mentored the applicant.

• The same internship time period cannot be counted for both the eighty-eight (88) hours of training and the one thousand (1000) hours of experience (paid or volunteer) hours requirement.
• The same on-the-job-training time period cannot be counted for both the eighty-eight (88)hours of training and the one thousand (1000) hours of experience (paid or volunteer)hours requirement.

Download and complete the Section 4 Training Document, then upload below.

Applicants with a conviction (other than a minor moving or traffic violations), regulatory violation, or who have or had a professional license/certification revoked, suspended, or voluntarily relinquished must disclose this information. Applicants who have not completed parole, probation, or any other terms or conditions imposed by any court in conjunction with a conviction, a suspended imposition of a sentence or other sentencing alternatives will not be admitted to the Exam. Additionally, a disclosure of conviction, regulatory violation, or history of professional license revocation, suspension, or relinquishment will be addressed on a case-by-case basis for purposes of initial or continuing certification.

Not disclosing this information will lead to revocation of present certification and may cause denial of future certification by the Certification Commission for Family Support.

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