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Parent/Family Support Partners, Providers, Training Coordinators:  

This 3-hour Facilitator Training is for you!

Wendy Besmann, Director of Team Up for Families (TUFF) will present a three-hour      Facilitator Training for the new Family Road Map navigation curriculum, a step-by-step    approach that empowers families to navigate health, education and insurance systems as equal partners with providers.

A next-level upgrade of TUFF’s popular “Team Up for Your Child” training (taught to more than 500 family members in systems of care from Maine to Hawaii) Family Road 


Map’s five-point “Guiding Star” leads families to knowledge and skills for decoding unfamiliar procedures and communicating effectively with providers. Facilitators learn to use this time-flexible, culturally-adaptable curriculum for a variety of support group or one-on-one coaching situations.


(After completing this no-cost, three-hour intensive, participants can choose to pursue full certification by completing course requirements through live webinar, and paying the $125 certification fee for membership in the TUFF National Learning Collaborative.) Seating is very limited. You MUST pre-register.


Team Up for Families (TUFF) is a national learning collaborative of people who share the challenge of caring for children and youth with emotional, behavioral, developmental, and other special health needs. Collaborative members are Certified Trainers and Facilitators in the Family Road Map Curriculum, which is designed to empower families with knowledge skills to navigate systems as equal partners with providers. Most members of the TUFF Learning Collaborative work within community-based agencies that serve children, youth, and their families.

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