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Certification Commission: Subject Matter Experts

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The Subject Matter Expert Committee is the primary content advisory group to the certification program. A Subject Matter Expert (SME) is an individual who has extensive experience in the field as a practitioner or researcher.  These SMEs serve to make recommendations to the Certification Commission to ensure the defensibility of the credentialing process and standards adopted by the Certification Commission. The SME Committee drafts the assessment tools for certification, including but not limited to: job task analysis, certification test items, recertification criteria, and standards of practice investigation. The SME Committee reviews the Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics to ensure authenticity with current practice, core competencies and ethical standards. The SME Committee is directly responsible to and appointed by the Certification Commission Governors who are responsible for the certification process,.

If you're interested in becoming an SME, please see the Job Description and Application below. They are also attached at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

Subject Matter Expert Job Description / Subject Matter Expert Application

Contact Lynda Gargan at 240-406-1490 or, if you have any questions.

Current Subject Matter Experts

Jane Kallal - AZ
Teresa King - MD
Anne Anne Kuppinger - NY
Sharon Smith LeGore - PA
Pamela Marshall - AR
Gerri Mullendore - OK
Malisa Pearson - MI
Nelson Rascon - WA
Angie Schoepflin - OH
Celia Serkin - MD
Millie Sweeney - TN
Dianne Taylor - AZ
Carol Tierman - ME
Sheila Wall-Hill - NC
Penny Weedon - IL
Sandi Yandow - VT
Jane Adams - KS
Euphemia Adams - NY
Kris Anderson - OR
Bev Baker - ME
Jackie Baldwin - WI
Wendy Barrett - AK
Theresa Blankenship - ME
Andrea Burleigh - NJ
Shannon Crossbear - MN
Cathy Dandy - Canada
Retta Dermody - NV
Ramona Deshield - GA
Kelly Donnelly - AK
Toni Donnelly - AZ
Larry English - FL
Donna Espinola-Rooney - NH
Barbara Green - KY
Judy Hutchinson - IL
Bettie Jordan - AZ