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National PSP Recertification Application

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As many of you know, our first recertification dates are quickly approaching.  The information below is to assist with the recertification process. The Commission has worked to make this process as simple as possible, in an effort to cut down on the amount of documentation that must be submitted.

I am also including the process for requesting an Inactive status, in the event that you are not currently moving forward with recertification. A certified PSP may request an Inactive status for up to three years. Upon invoking an Inactive status, you will no longer be privileged to use the title “nationally certified Parent Support Provider” until you once again activate your status. If certification is not reactivated within the three year period, the individual will be required to complete the full certification process, should they later decide to become certified.

For recertification:

  • Complete the contact form below, with signature and date
  • Submit documentation of 44 contact hours of training within the past 3 years below
  • Sign the Code of Ethics, acknowledging good standing, and submit below
  • Submit the $200 recertification fee (Visit our certification page and scroll to bottom to pay online)

To invoke Inactive status:

  • Complete the contact form below
  • Sign and date the form, requesting Inactive status

Please feel free to contact Lynda Gargan with any questions 240-403-1901.

Yes, I want to be recertified
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Download Code of Ethics form

To pay online, please visit our certification page, scroll to the bottom, and select Recertification Fee - $200.

To complete your recertification application, please sign and date below. 

No, I request an invocation of Inactive Status

I am requesting an invocation of Inactive Status as a certified Parent Support Partner. I understand that this status may not exceed a three (3) year period. I further understand that should I decide to petition for a reinstatement of Active Status, I will be required to document a minimum of 44 contact hours of training, continued good standing with the Code of Ethics, and the payment of the recertification fee.

I understand that during my Inactive Status period, I will be restricted from utilizing the term “nationally certified PSP” in any manner until such time as I return to Active status.