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Apply to Become a Certified Parent Support Provider

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On this page, you'll find all the materials you'll need to complete and submit your application for CPSP certification. Details about each are given below.

Please use the table below to download the various materials as you complete the application process. Each download will open in a new tab/window so that you can come back to page to download the next. We have provided a PDF version for your convenience.

Download Materials

Candidate Handbook ( explains the application process, details about the competencies needed to prepare for the test, details about the test, and other useful information)

Self-Assessment Checklist (explains the training goals in each of  the eleven domains of competencies. To be eligible to take the national exam, the applicant should have at least 8 contact hours of training in each of the eleven domains.  To be eligible for recertification, the applicant should have at least 4 contact hours of training in each of the eleven domains.

Code of Ethics

Application (this is the eligibility application to take the national exam)

Recertification Application

Supervision Documentation Form (for use with Recertification Application)

Request for Special Accommodations Form

Request to Retake the Exam

North Carolina Scholarship - $350  (optional) 

Make a Payment (check, credit, or - below) 

Candidate Handbook

The Candidate Handbook is used as a reference for the application process. It is designed to provide you with information about the certification  as a whole and testing.    Please contact the certification office, 240-406-1472, if you have any additional questions.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics outlines what an applicant must abide by as a Certified Parent Support Partner. This includes values and principles a CPSP applicant or certificant must follow. Violations of the Code of Ethics may result in disciplinary actions, up to and including removal of certification.


To become certified as a CPSP, you must complete an eligibility application and make a passing score on the national exam.

As an overview,  eligibility requires submitting

  • description of experience parenting a child experiencing emotional, developmental, behavioral, substance use, or mental health challenges, 
  • 88 contact hours of training in the eleven domains of competence (advocacy in multiple systems, ethics, behavioral health information, communication, confidentiality, education information, effecting change, empowerment, local resource information, parenting for resiliency, and wellness and natural support). Use the Self-Assessment Checklist for further detail.
  • 1,000 hours of experience, with 25 hours of supervision/consultation/mentoring.

Additionally, the applicant must disclose negative legal involvement, agree to abide by the Code of Ethics, and pay all fees.

You may download the application above (in the table, under Download Materials). The "Cover sheet" has a checklist to assist you in including all materials for your application to be considered complete. You are encouraged to make a copy of your completed application before e-mailing it in PDF format or sending it as a paper copy by regular mail. There is a non-refundable $50.00 processing fee.  You will need to pay the full certification fee of $300.00 only when the application is complete and you are approved to take the test.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact us at 240-403-1901.


Certification is valid for a two year period. A person holding the CPSP credential who has remained in good standing may extend their certification for a second two years without taking another examination.  The application form for recertification can be downloaded.  The documentation for the necessary performance of the 1000 hours of paid or unpaid related tasks, documentation of 44 contact hours of training, and reaffirmation to practice under the Code of Ethics are in the application form.

This "Documentation of Supervision" form may be used to demonstrate that the CPSP has had at least 25 hours of supervision/consultation/mentoring during the immediately past two years.


Scholarships are on a first come, first served basis unless otherwise specified.  Completing of a scholarship application form IS NOT the same as completing the application for eligibility to take the test.  A separate application for eligibility Certified Parent Support Provider™ must be completed and submitted to the Certification Commission. The scholarship application form must be attached to the completed certification application form.

North Carolina Collaborative for Children, Youth, and Families. This scholarship is for the full amount of the application and certification fee ($350).  It is only available until June 2013 and is provided by North Carolina Collaborative for Children, Youth, and Families. Only North Carolina residents are eligible.

Past Scholarships

Magellan Health Services  provided the initial 31 scholarships for $250 each  in 2012.  

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provided 20 scholarships for $150 each in 2012.

Make a Payment

An Important Note About Payment

You have two options to pay. You may use the form in the full application to pay (either by check, money order, or credit) or you may use to pay. is a secure way for you to pay by Credit Card. Please choose the correct Buy It Now button below that correlates with the option you're paying for.

Make sure that you complete the Payment Form in the full application above, regardless if you choose to pay by

If you decide to use, please use the corresponding buttons below.

Non-Refundable Certification Application Fee - $50


Certification Exam Fee - $300


Recertification Fee - $200


Certification Exam Fee for Those with Scholarship - $50


Combined Application and Certification Fees with OptumHealth Scholarship Forms - $100