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Children's Mental Health Awareness Week Sponsorship

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Why Support National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week?

For a quarter of a decade, the National Federation of Families has served as the voice of children, youth and families faced with mental and behavioral health challenges and needs.

There is an urgent need to educate everyone about mental illness and erase the stigma that prevents children and families from seeking the help they need.  We want to be able to reach out to the public, educate them, offer them resources, and inform families of places able and willing to assist if they have mental health needs.

We offer many fundraising opportunities to keep costs down, but fees for advocating, educating, printing publications, and travel expenses add up throughout the year.

We are giving business owners, community leaders and individuals the opportunity to partner with us and help us continue reaching out to the children, youth and families of our community and across the nation. Your sponsorship will help us meet our maximum outreach to accomplish our mission.

Did you know?

  • Mental Illness and disorders affect 1 in 5 children during the course of a year. These children and teens have a diagnosable mental disorder.
  • Although mental illness and disorders affect so many of our children and teens aged 6 to 17, 79% of them do not receive mental health care. 
  • Eighty percent of people with multiple mental health and substance abuse disorders report onset before age 20.

To become a sponsor of Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, please purchase your sponsorship below.