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Children' Mental Health Awareness Week

May 1- 7, 2017




"Finding Help, Finding Hope"


As national events continue to illuminate the critical need for mental health care reform in this country, we must increase our efforts to educate the nation about the importance of prevention and early identification of mental health challenges. We must also highlight the fact that children are an integral part of a family unit and create an understanding amongst policy leaders and practitioners that healthy families are better equipped to support resilient children. Legislation, policies, and practices must fully endorse the undisputed importance of full family engagement and participation in the care and treatment of their children. Further, we must advocate for a holistic approach to children's mental health that includes the provision of supports that strengthen the family as they nurture resiliency.


Please join us as we create a national dialogue about the importance of finding help, finding hope.

Green Ribbon Campaign
We are continuing The Green Ribbon Campaign as a part of our social marketing and awareness efforts. This is an uplifting campaign that allows us to celebrate children and provide hope and unity throughout the children’s mental health arena and the family movement. It also spreads awareness about our cause. Your support means a great deal! We want to thank everyone who has already purchased ribbons and other items to help raise awareness in their communities. If you have not had a chance to order your items, be sure to check out our store before we run out!

Making the Difference
As we celebrate National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, the National Federation reaches out to you, in our shared vision for our nation’s children, youth and families. It is through our combined efforts that growth, renewal and the promotion of positive mental health will impact the well-being of our children. Our voices carry volumes in bringing about change. Speak out and be heard. Let our message ring in the ears of others: Children’s Mental Health Matters!

Event Submission Form

What are you doing for Children's Mental Health Awareness Week?  Please share the activities that your organization or group is planning for National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week with us. We would also like to see any photos of your event after the week has concluded. 


Please fill in the event submission form with information about the events and activities you will be holding in your community for Children's Mental Health Awareness Week.

Check out some of the events that are happening!

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