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The National Federation currently employs individuals dedicated to fulfilling the organization's mission with their skills covering a wide range of areas including social marketing, policy, leadership, and technical assistance.

  • Lynda Gargan / Interim Executive Director
    Lynda Gargan serves as the Senior Managing Director and the Director of the Parent Support Provider Certification Initiative for the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health. Throughout her career, she has worked across the nation providing technical assistance and training, to ensure that all individuals are afforded the opportunity to live in the community of their choice. Dr. Gargan served for over a decade as an Educational Diagnostician for a large Special Education program. She more recently served as CEO for an agency specializing in Intensive In-Home Family Therapy services. She has a rich background in field research, including longitudinal studies in multiple class action law suits. Dr. Gargan has served as an expert witness on the topic of deinstitutionalization in both the 4th and 5th District Federal Courts.
  • Barbara Huff / Social Marketing TA Provider
    Barbara Huff is currently serving as a Technical Assistance Provider for the Federation’s work with the Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health Campaign. She was one of the founders and the first president and first Executive Director of the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health. After serving as the Federation’s executive director for more than 12 years, Barbara transitioned to a staff position at the organization. During her tenure she has helped develop more than 120 family-run advocacy organizations across the country, resulting in more families at important decision making tables; new family leadership; and important policy changes resulting from the family movement. Barbara served on the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration Advisory Council from 2003-2008 which raised the family voice to a new level of influence related to policy and systems change. Barbara’s struggle to get appropriate services, supports, and treatments for her daughter -- who grew up with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse challenges -- led her to advocating on a larger scale. She started a statewide family-run advocacy organization in Kansas, Keys for Networking, leading to her involvement in a national movement to include families in their children’s care, in systems change, and in the evaluation of services and supports.